Best Sexual Addiction Blogs

We have combed through the endless blogs of the Internet to compile the very best in sex addiction. When you are looking for enlightenment you don’t want to be searching for hours just to get some knowledge. It’s for this reason that we found the most well written and well intentioned blogs on the topic of sex addiction. Here you will find facts, personal experiences and everything in between.

Best Sexual Addiction Blogs of 2013

  • Sex Addictions Counseling

    Sex Addictions Counseling

    This blog is the brainchild of Dr. Linda Hatch. Born and raised in New York, she attended Cornell University and the University of California completing her Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Arts and PhD. After moving to California to further her education, she spent some time working as a professor studying social psychology. Dr. Hatch is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and she also worked in the court system helping both juvenile and adult patients.

    We decided to include this blog on our list because of Dr. Hatch's accomplishments. Dr. Hatch worked frequently with patients suffering from sexual addiction and her blog includes a variety of helpful information. Her Sexual Addictions Counseling blog covers a number of topics including reviews of popular books on sexual addiction. She also publishes articles that contain tools that help readers work on their own addictions and problems in their personal relationships. With solid writing and interesting topics Dr. Hatch comes across as more of an interesting friend than a doctor. Her fun writing style keeps the blog from feeling too dull or boring and she often writes about policy issues, new laws and other current events that help those recovering from or dealing with sexual addiction.


  • Married to a Sex Addict

    Married to a Sex Addict

    Written by JoAnn, a mother, grandmother, and Registered Nurse with a Masters degree, this blog chronicles her life and interactions with her husband who just so happens to be a sex addict. Unhappy with her results in searching for supportive resources for people in her situation, JoAnn went through quite a lot after discovering that her husband (at that time of only three and a half months) had been spending a thousand dollars a month on prostitutes. Instead of leaving her husband, she sought therapy and educated herself thoroughly on the subject. A few years later, she began to collect her thoughts through writing, which evolved into this blog. She hopes that her writing and online presence will provide much help, personal advice, and resources for women in similar situations.

    Posts are written on a regular basis, but there is much more to JoAnn's blog than her own story. She has compiled stories from many different men and women married to sex addicts, as well as hosting a forum, a support group, and an extensive list of online and print resources pertaining to the nature of sexual addiction. One large part is that she offers "Light Beams" - posts from people highlighting their progress and positive experiences through the journey with their sex addict partner. This blog was selected for the award due to JoAnn's depth of involvement and compassion for her readers, as well as the quality of her writing and support.


  • The Sex Addicts

    The Sex Addicts

    Written anonymously by a young woman in her early 30s, this blog features posts regarding her trials and tribulations after she found out about her husband's secret sex addiction in 2007. Following her discovery, she found her life turned upside down and inside out as she and her partner decided to remain together and resolve all the issues between them. Together they are recovering from sexual addiction, as well as addressing co-dependency and various disorders and dysfunctions.

    Posts on this blog are very genuine, candid, and heartfelt. She describes the tumult of being twice-separated from her husband, as well as surviving affairs, co-addict behavior, casual sexual encounters, depression, PTSD, prostitutes, and pornography. This raw approach to her reconciling is what has drawn so many followers to this blog, viewed as a safe place from which to address highly emotionally-taxing issues. But it is a journey, one filled with personal growth, and the overall atmosphere is one of hope, commitment, forgiveness, and love. Now five years into the journey, this young woman has come far with her relationship with her partner, and they both play an active role in updating the blog on a regular basis.

    In addition, inspired by her experiences, the blogger is working on her Masters degree in order to become a therapist and help people with various mental problems.


  • Eli Hornby

    Eli Hornby

    A rather rare combination of personality characteristics comprises Eli Hornby, the writer behind his eponymous blog. In addition to being a self-professed sex addict with a drug problem, Eli is also a husband, a father, and an active pastor. Admittedly, Eli Hornby is not his real name but a pen name, although he writes semi-anonymously, knowing full well that many people may know who he really is - and he addresses this through his "Do You Know the Real Me?" post, where he welcomes any personal contacts and asks them not to be shocked, nor to throw judgment on his condition. Clearly a person of outstanding character who simply is dealing with some serious issues, Eli is hard at work to improve himself, his life, and the lives of those he cares about.

    Well written, engaging, and candid posts are what make this an outstanding blog on the issue of sexual addiction. He has found a network of support through his blog, and invites his readers to not only read his posts, but to contact him for any support that he might be able to lend. Posts go back to the summer of 2008, a time when his difficulties with his addiction drove him to express and organize his thoughts through blogging. Throughout the years, posts are peppered with personal experiences, setbacks, progression, and most importantly, the internal strength that he is able to find within himself and return to time and again - and this strength is a great source of inspiration for his readers.


  • Kick Sex Addiction

    Kick Sex Addiction

    One of the reasons that make such a great blog is the fact that the site has four unique contributors. Chaddo, Jesse, Julian, and Seth discuss different aspects of recovery with site visitors. While Chaddo tends to focus on describing the impact of therapy, Julian focuses on how spiritual needs intersect with sex addition. Seth blogs on the impact of the Addictive Cycle and Jesse is responsible for video and audio conversations with site visitors.

    Additionally, the site itself is split into five categories: sex addition therapy, sexual addiction resources, step by step, the additive cycle, and uncategorized. Of particular importance to those dealing with sexual addiction recovery is the step by step category, which seeks to offer suggestions for particular challenges and struggles that they may be facing. For instance, one post offered tips on how to forgive in order truly conquer sexual addition. Examples of posts in the uncategorized section include letting go of shame, how to deal with being treated as an object, and the difficulties of your support structure not really listening to you. There is so much to be gained from this blog: educational support, fascinating stories, personal accounts and information on local group meetings. This blog is a plethora of information and well worth your time.


  • My Sex Drug

    My Sex Drug

    Joann Russell was married to a sex addict. Seeking help, the couple went to a counselor for guidance and support. What Joann discovered was a network of meetings and assistance for the sex addict, but little guidance for the spouse or partner of a sex addict.

    Joann is an experienced writer of educational and non-fiction materials who just so happens to also be a registered nurse with a Master’s degree. She launched her blog,” Married to A Sex Addict” in an attempt to offer help and advice to individuals in these dysfunctional relationships. In the blog, she recounts her own ordeal, along with providing research in the field of sexual addiction. She understands firsthand the humiliation spouses and partners of a sex addict experience. Many individuals are too embarrassed to talk to anyone about their situation. Her blog offers a support group called “Sisterhood of Support,” along with basic information about sexual addiction, real life experiences, references, eBooks and places to go for help.

    Joann's informative and helpful blog has aided countless individuals, who have suffered in silence, afraid and disgraced by their companion’s addiction to sex. She has provided a lifeline to spouses and partners desperately in need of compassionate support.